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A peek into the lives of Rangers

The Ranger Federation of Asia (RFA) was launched on 31st July 2013, with the objective to help, support, connect and motivate rangers in Asia. There are now more than 1,700 rangers from 11 countries who are members. Several conservation groups such as WWF, Nature’s Frontline, PAMS Foundation, KWCI and Wildlife 1 Conservancy support the RFA, and the RFA is a proud member of the International Ranger Federation.

On behalf of the Ranger Federation of Asia, it gives us great pleasure to launch the first RFA newsletter. It contains personal stories from rangers in Asia along with other short articles. We hope it will be an interesting read, and grow from its early beginnings into a newsletter written by rangers, for rangers and those interested in our lives.

All of us at RFA wishes a happy World Ranger Day to all man and women working tirelessly across the globe to protect our precious wildlife.

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2 thoughts on “A peek into the lives of Rangers”

  1. Tasmin Humphrey

    Keep up the amazing and inspiring work you do everyday for the animals, the planet and for future generations. You are incredible.

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