A Sad Day for Ranger family

RFA expresses its profound sadness and outrage on the death of Wayne Lotter, Secretary, Ranger Federation of Asia and co-founder and chairman, PAMS Foundation in a tragic attack in Dar Es Salaam on Wednesday.

A devoted conservationist and supporter of Rangers, Wayne dedicated his life to protecting Africa’s wildlife. From his early days as a ranger in South Africa to his most recent efforts against organised poaching syndicates in Tanzania, Wayne’s commitment was inspiring to all who had the opportunity to work with him.

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Wayne came in touch with RFA in 2013 as IRF vice president. He not only guided the team in building RFA but also became part of the board to advise us in every step.

Rohit Singh, WWF Wildlife Enforcement Specialist and President, Ranger Federation of Asia said:
“I am deeply saddened and shocked by the loss of Wayne Lotter, a great conservationist, a close friend and a staunch supporter of rangers. Wayne played a pivotal role in forming the Ranger Federation of Asia, an organisation established to connect and support rangers. His contribution towards rangers and wildlife will always be remembered.”

Our hearts go out to Krissie (Co Founder of PAMS Foundation), his wife and daughters, and our thoughts are with PAMS staff and partners.

RFA calls on the Tanzanian authorities to urgently investigate Wayne Lotter’s murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.