Our Partners

International Ranger Federation

A non-profit organisation established to raise awareness and support for the critical work that rangers do in conserving the world’s natural and cultural heritage. Founded in 1992, the IRF has a membership of 90 ranger associations from over 50 countries worldwide.

With a conservation landscape in Tanzania, PAMS hope to facilitate the country to become a place where natural resources are understood and best practice management is adopted by all to conserve natural resources in an ethical manner.

Natures Frontline

A non-profit organisation led by a group of volunteers passionate about conservation communication. They are involved in delivering training and undertaking projects that support ranger protection of wildlife.

Non-profit initiative for the furtherance and development of the vital role played by rangers and their purpose in wildlife conservation around the world. It provides a coordinated forum for collaboration between organisations to strive for shared objectives.

World Wildlife Fund

The world’s leading conservation organisation, WWF spans 100 countries and is supported by close to five million members globally. WWF works to deliver actions at every level from local to global to ensure integrated conservation efforts.

Asia-based organisation that monitors and reports conservation issues and works with government and non-government organisations to manage and implement conservation initiatives.

Non-profit, apolitical professional association for all those who are working in and for protected areas in NSW, the ACT and Parks Australia. PAWA covers all classes of protected areas whether private or public land or land held in trust and brings a wealth of knowledge to the partnership.

Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative

Multi-organisation group established in 2012 with the objective of conserving biodiversity and ensuring the protection of threatened wildlife in Karen State, Burma.