RFA and Nature’s Frontline join forces to help rangers in Asia

After in-depth discussion, RFA and Nature’s Frontline have agreed to collaborate and will be working together to bring more ranger’s stories from remote Asian parks to the outside world. This initiative is under the umbrella of United for Rangers, a coalition of ranger organisations. Nature’s Frontline is a UK based NGO that strives to raise awareness about the vital work rangers do. They document the sacrifices that these wildlife heroes make by sharing personal stories on their website and social media channels.

‘We are thrilled to be working with the Ranger Federation of Asia. It is an important collaboration for our organisation and one that I hope will be long lived. We believe that by working together we can grow strong and successful together.’
~ Liz Bourne, Nature’s Frontline.

The first proposed project is an RFA newsletter, which will be launched on World Ranger Day, 2015.

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